Your Printers Matter More Than You Think

Most people overlook the humble multifunction printer (MFP), acknowledging its importance to the workday only when it has gone offline. But a closer look at today’s MFP reveals it as much more than the sum of its many parts, going well beyond scan, fax and print to help you streamline your workflows, boost your productivity, and even cut your costs.

Yes, one piece of office equipment really can do all that. Here’s how.

The MFP Moves into the Digital Age

MFPs nowadays are more like powerful computers. They support small and midsize businesses as they work to improve customer experience, boost productivity, and increase efficiency and security with digital workflows.

That’s because the modern MFP from Xerox goes beyond hardware to improve the way information flows throughout your organization. Its about empowering employees, improving customer service, increasing security and even accelerating digital transformation.

From creating your own apps to simplifying workflows, to translating documents, today’s MFP has a wealth of features that make it a vital piece of office equipment, and more a true workplace assistant, giving you much needed functionality and support to help you grow your business and stay on the cutting edge in a fast moving, increasingly digital world.

This comprehensive eBook will get you up-to-speed on the latest generation of intelligent printers and what makes them so different from their predecessors – and so valuable to your organization. You’ll find out how to leverage this new generation of MFPs in order take full advantage of today’s digital workplace, and be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

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