Xerox Workplace Mobile App – The touchless office starts here!

Going into the office? Here’s an office safety plan: Bring your own printer interface. The Xerox® Workplace Mobile App lets you copy, scan and print right from your phone — which nobody touches but you.

Get more out of your printer through your mobile device.

The Xerox® Workplace Mobile App gives you the personal contactless connection you need with your multifunction printer (MFP), allowing you to save time on daily tasks and get work done safely.

Now you can scan, print, copy or release jobs using your mobile smartphone as a remote control, without having to touch your MFP user panel.

It takes the guesswork out of quickly and securely connecting your iOS and Android devices to your Xerox® MFP.

Download the app for free. Use it with Xerox® Workplace Solutions to access advanced features.

Key Features

These features come standard:

Connect: Connect your smartphone to your MFP with a few taps. Use Near Field Communication (NFC) or scan a QR code to connect in seconds* or let the app auto-search for available printers on the network.

* Xerox® Quick Link MFP App provides a pairing QR code from the front panel.

Print: Open documents directly from the app for easy print and preview. Take and print pictures with the camera function. Stay nimble with a wide range of print settings.

Scan: Initiate your scans right from your smartphone. Leverage your contacts and cloud logins to scan, digitize and route documents in a snap.

Copy: Instead of the user panel, use your smartphone to access the core features of your MFP and initiate copy jobs.

Expanded features when used with Xerox® Workplace Solutions:

  • Mobile authentication to unlock your printer.
  • Secure print release.
  • Cloud connectivity to submit jobs and access resources from any network.