Versant 3100 Press

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Improve margins. Grow profits.

Step up to the most advanced press in the Versant® Family. The Xerox® Versant 3100 Press delivers more of what you need in a high-volume print solution. Speed, optimized alignment, color calibration technologies and robust finishing options allow you to respond with confidence to the ever-changing print market.

The Versant® family’s unique combination of competition-busting image quality, media latitude and workflow automation is brought to its highest, most powerful potential in the Versant 3100.

Head-turning Ultra HD Resolution Technology is just the start. Our incredibly competent Full-Width Array enables near-total automation of virtually every quality parameter, from color calibration to registration, image transfer, density uniformity, image-to-media alignment and more. Closed loop, operator-free processes ensure color

Versatile feeding and finishing options allow you to create exactly the Versant press you need to build your business. There’s no need to choose between capacity and capability. With Versant, you can have it all—inline and hands-free

Manage media faster in your busy production environment by creating and managing a library of frequently used stocks for easy selection when printing. Library stocks can be quickly assigned to specific trays, and it’s easier than ever to add new stock profiles.

  • Automatically adjust print engine parameters for specific stocks
  • Create and name special alignment and fold profiles for challenging media
  • Adjustments include fuser temperature, fuser speed, paper speed at transfer, roll nip pressure, primary and secondary voltage transfer, alignment roll pressure and many customized image-optimizing settings

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Xerox Versant 3100 Printer Quick Facts

  • Compact belt fuser drives up to 100 ppm performance from 52 to 300 gsm and up to
    80 ppm performance from 301 to 350 gsm
  • The standard Xerox-exclusive Full-Width Array with the Automated Color Quality Suite automates time-consuming tasks, including baselining the press, image-to-media alignment, density uniformity, color management, profiling, and calibration
  • Production feeding and integrated finishing provides the ability to automate print workflow creating a wide variety of finished output, such as full bleed booklets up to 120 pages
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