Xerox Printers: The Best Office Printers That Go Beyond Printing

In today’s digitized office environment, productivity equipment that have seen better days hampers workflow and general operations. These are old models of office equipment, like printers, which break down more times than they work, which is counterintuitive since they are supposed to be productivity tools. But the best office printers these days are not only those that hardly break down, but rather, those that offer more than just printing options.

The problem with using outdated printers

First off, even the best small office printers will not do much overall if these are not designed to adapt to today’s fast-paced, digital consumer space. Regardless of whether it is brand new or not, the fact of the matter is, if it is an outdated, “brand new” model, it will not be able to keep up with the demands of a highly digitized business landscape. A few common problems offices encounter with old-model printers include the following:

Limited functionality

With outdated office printers, problems arise every day. What is more, their limited functions often mean employees will have to repeatedly print and copy manually just to have all the documents needed for a presentation or an important meeting. The mere act of printing alone already takes up so much of your time, which could easily translate to other tasks being delayed or put off for another day.

The best office printers these days allow employees to accomplish several tasks at once; from printing and scanning to sharing and editing documents on the cloud, like Xerox’s multifunction office printers equipped with the ConnectKey Advantage.

Filing hard copies

Most businesses have gone paperless, which not only helps save the environment but also reduces office expenses. With outdated office printers, you are not given the option to convert hard copies of your documents into digital files and then save these on a cloud-based storage space. This means you will have rows and rows of filing cabinets to deal with; and you will have to manually search for files if you need specific documents to serve as reference materials, among other things.

Additionally, this means you will need a solid filing system if you want to keep all your documents organized.

With Xerox’s ConnectKey Advantage, you can convert hard copies of documents into digital files and then store these on the cloud, so they can be accessed anywhere and anytime by authorized personnel. What is more, documents stored through ConnectKey can be accessed from any Xerox’s best small office printers and printed immediately.

Repairs take time

And finally, outdated printers are not equipped with wireless connectivity, which means they cannot be accessed remotely, which also means you will have to wait for a licensed technician to go to your office to diagnose and repair. Often, diagnosing the problem and fixing the unit are performed on separate days. Therefore, office printers take a long time to be fixed.

Luckily, today’s best office printers from Xerox can be accessed remotely by a licensed technician to troubleshoot the issue, which means you can have the unit up and running in a matter of minutes. Sometimes, a temporary solution is applied remotely to keep the printer running until the technician can visit the office for in-house repairs.

So, if you are looking for the best office printers, keep in mind that the best small office printers these days feature Xerox’s ConnectKey Technology.

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