iGen 5 Digital Press

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Build the press and the business you’ve always wanted

No one knows your business, or what you need to succeed, better than you do. Chances are, you need what Xerox has excelled at for years: automation that drives quality and productivity. You also know that as you grow, needs change. What is right for you today may not be exactly right a year from now. And, that’s okay — because we excel at flexibility, too. We know how important it is to offer you the opportunity to make a digital press investment that gets you the exact solution you need today, without the concern of potentially having to completely re-invest tomorrow.

A single platform. A customizable solution.

The Xerox® iGen® 5 Press is that solution. Its innovative new design consolidates the best characteristics of the industry-leading iGen press legacy into a single, ultimately configurable platform. Once you choose the Xerox® iGen® 5, you can tailor it exactly to your needs. If you need to get more jobs out of each shift, move up to a faster speed. If you need to add more value, use Gamut Extension Colors or Specialty Dry Inks in the Press’ 5th print station. You can also choose from a range of industry-leading finishing options, including IntegratedPLUS solutions that produce the applications customers are clamoring for.

iGen5 XLS (Optional Upgrade)

The iGen 5 XLS enables up to a 35-inch sheet size, prints at rated speed and has production feeding and stacking. With extra-long capabilities, printers can deliver more pieces per sheet, increasing application productivity of the iGen 5 by up to 25 percent. Print providers can increase the versatility of the iGen 5 by targeting additional applications such as 4-panel brochures, book covers, banners, large-format clings, panoramic artwork and multi-up printing. Click Here to learn more.


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Xerox iGen 5 Press Quick Facts

  • The optional 5th print station enables you to extend the press’ gamut with Orange, Green or Blue to match over 90% of the PANTONE PLUS Coated Library
  • White, Clear or Fluorescent Yellow Dry Ink in the 5th print station will create unique digital print enhancements on high-value applications
  • Quality and productivity are guaranteed with advanced automation that inhabits the press from beginning to end
  • The press design allows you to select the exact configuration you need—speed, four or five print stations, and feeding/finishing that meets your production and application requirements 
  • The optional Thick Stock Capability expands media latitude up to 24 pt/610 microns
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We are ready to bring you the best products and solutions to address your specific business needs.