Xerox Adaptive CMYK+Kits wins Buyers Lab award for Outstanding Innovation

A gold medal for gold ink? We’re so thrilled the Adaptive CMYK+ Kit for Xerox Versant printers, which lets you print in gold, silver, fluorescent and clear glaze, has been recognized with a Buyers Lab award for Outstanding Innovation!

With just a few simple steps—and in about ten minutes—you can remove your CMYK toner set and replace it with Specialty Toners able to print unique and stunning applications in a single pass, or add exciting embellishments to standard CMYK jobs.

Specialty printing is one of the fastest-growing digital segments, opening up expanded possibilities for designers. printers. and customers. Not to be confused with simpler technologies that allow printers to add a single additional color to the CMYK mix, the Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kits come in the form of two self-contained, swappable, multi-toner kits. The Vivid Toner Kit delivers four specialty spot colors: White, Gold, Silver, and Clear. The Fluorescent Toner Kit adds impact with Fluorescent Cyan, Fluorescent Magenta, Fluorescent Yellow, and Black.



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