XEROX Wins Prestigious 2019 Software Line Of The Year Award

Xerox Workplace Suite, Workflow Automation Solutions and ConnectKey® Apps helped prove Xerox to be a leading innovator this 2019 winter awards season. Our wins this year include the “BLI 2019 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year Award” and “Outstanding Job Management & Mobile Print Solution.”

“Software solutions have become an integral part of the document imaging ecosystem, helping to streamline critical business processes, free up knowledge workers from menial or repetitive tasks, increase productivity, and improve access to data across the organization,” said Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions Analysis for Keypoint Intelligence.

“Our rigorous analysis determined that Xerox offers the most complete lineup overall, with a broad range of solutions that address customers’ document-centric ‘pain points’ and solve business challenges.”

Helping to propel Xerox to the front in this study is the wide variety of MFP apps and connectors created both by the company and its partner developers. Xerox also offers an impressive family of dedicated Workflow Automation Solutions in its managed document services practice to help customers tackle critical processes such as HR onboarding, accounts payable/receivable, loan application processing, health records information management, and dozens more.


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