Wide Format Printers Woodland Hills

Wide Format Printers Woodland Hills

Sometimes You Gotta Go Big

Not all businesses need the ability to print larger documents. Regular laser printers or all in one printers usually get the job done. However, sometimes you do need the ability to print beyond the standard 8.5″ x 11″. You’re in the right spot! Wide-format printers from Visual Edge IT gives businesses in Woodland Hills the ability to do just that. Print Big! Whether you need color or black and white, our wide format printers produce the larger prints you’re needing. Some of our printers are multifunctional as well. This means you’ll have the ability to not only make prints and copies, but you’ll also be able to scan and send them securely over a network to any place needed. Large format printers are used in many different industries. Construction companies, engineering firms, various government agencies, and more all benefit by utilizing these printers for their daily operations. It’s important these organizations have the ability to print large documents in-house. This means higher productivity and greater efficiency, which means saving money.

 Wide Format Printers: The Features

Wide-format printers from Visual Edge IT will give your Woodland Hills business the quality, larger prints you need, while improving workflow and functionality. Your company can stay competitive and ahead of the competition. Some of the features include:

  • High DPI Resolution
  • Multiple Scanning Features Including Formats and Location
  • Fast Printing
  • Security Features and So Much More!

If your business needs the ability to go big, Visual Edge IT in Woodland Hills is your go-to team. Contact us today to learn more about our wide format options as well as our all in one printers. Remember, we’re not just your Xerox partner, we’re your technology partner!

You can reach us at 800-828-4801 to discuss your large format needs.

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