Why Your Web Design Firm Needs Managed IT Support

Dedicated information technology management is essential for smooth business operations. But what if your small web design business can’t afford an in-house IT professional? Here’s how managed IT support can make your small business a competitive powerhouse. Visual Edge IT offers managed IT services to California businesses across industries.

If you’re a small web design firm, you need all the IT support you can get. Unfortunately, having IT staff in-house with expertise and experience in addressing a broad spectrum of potential issues simply isn’t practical for most small businesses.

This conundrum is why managed IT support is such a game-changer.

Managed IT Services: What are they?

Before we look at the advantages of managed services, let’s review the basics.

Information technology management and administration responsibilities are outsourced to third parties as managed services. Managed services aren’t just limited to IT; they can also include management of the supply chain, digital marketing, and customer care. Nevertheless, managed IT services are the most well-known type of managed service.

In recent years, managed services have experienced exponential growth. Globally, managed services are expected to reach more than $356 billion by 2025, roughly double what it was in 2019.

The rise in demand is predominantly linked to small and medium-sized businesses. Smaller organizations must stay current with the latest technology to keep a competitive advantage for sustained growth. However, the overwhelming majority won’t have the dedicated IT funds to meet their challenges.

The COVID-19 crisis has made managed IT support an extremely attractive proposition for many organizations. With employees needing more flexible working options, managed IT support teams can partner with businesses to discover the best options for their needs.

Fortunately, managed IT services allow smaller businesses to operate on par with larger companies without exhausting their resources. And that’s not all they have to offer.

Enhance your network security.

The volume of data you have to keep secure can be overwhelming, and failing to manage your security can lead to painful data compromises and costly liability.

Maintaining digital security can be extremely challenging for smaller organizations, even those with in-house IT staff. Managed IT support partners with you to ensure your organization adheres to all regulations.

Take advantage of 24/7 support.

Availability is never an issue; managed IT service providers deliver around-the-clock client support, offering flexibility and reliability. This resource allows your organization to function without disruption, boosting customer confidence and enhancing your productivity. And speaking of workplace productivity:

Managed IT support reduces downtime.

Managed IT services have another benefit: instead of waiting for problems to occur, managed IT support actively maintains your infrastructure.

With remote monitoring, your managed IT service provider actively maintains your infrastructure, detecting, diagnosing, and resolving issues before they disrupt operations. Because downtime can be extremely costly — outages can cost thousands of dollars for every minute of downtime — having managed IT will ultimately yield a significant return on investment.

Even if things go wrong for whatever reason, your service provider will offer disaster recovery services that allow you to continue operating seamlessly.

Visual Edge IT provides organizations throughout California with the equipment and technical expertise that allows them to reach their full potential. If you think managed IT support is right for your operations, please contact our helpful representatives today.

Featured Photo by Tranmautritam