Why Managed It Services Can Help Your Business Stay Productive

Most small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford to keep IT support on staff. So, what are your options if you have digital communications processes that need to be kept secure, efficient, and up-to-date? Managed IT services give smaller businesses the resources and the technological know-how to compete with larger, more well-established in-house IT teams. Moreover, managed IT offers flexibility — because managed IT professionals are constantly working with different platforms and systems, they have to maintain continually evolving skillsets that in-house teams don’t. At Visual Edge IT, we offer managed IT services and solutions that help businesses maintain their communications technology infrastructures effectively.

Managed IT services can help smaller operations stay competitive. Here’s why you should outsource your IT support if you can’t afford to have an IT professional on your payroll.

  • Your technology overheads are unaccountably high. If you find yourself using offsite printing services because your organization cannot produce the necessary volume of copies, you should rethink your document management solutions. Also, having continual equipment malfunctions that inhibit productivity costs you dearly in both the short and long terms.
  • You have copier and printer supplies that aren’t ever used. When you don’t have effective document management, you probably have drawers and closets full of toners and cartridges that are lying dormant. This comes from people accidentally ordering the wrong components because there isn’t anyone on staff that keeps track of equipment maintenance.
  • Your business is constantly generating unnecessary printouts. It has been estimated that every American office worker will waste an entire tree’s worth of paper every year by making unnecessary copies and printouts. If your organization’s paper recycling bin is filled with unneeded copies of documents, this not only costs your business money, it puts your information security at risk. Document management services can help you pinpoint the problems causing your team to produce excess documents.

Visual Edge IT is proud to offer top-tier managed IT services to Southern California businesses across industries, providing flexible and affordable solutions that help small businesses compete with their larger counterparts. Whether you’re seeking top-of-the-line Xerox office copiers and printers for sale or lease, or want an IT support team to help you function more productively, the Visual Edge IT team has you covered. To learn more about our managed IT services, please visit our information page. For more information about buying or leasing office equipment, please visit our product page.

Featured Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels