Want to Buy or Lease Office Equipment? 5 Tips for Choosing an Office Copier

If your office needs a brand new copier, here is a quick list of tips designed to help you understand what the best office copier will be for your budget and needs.

Learn your print volume.

Your print volume is the amount of paper printouts your office produces per month. By keeping a watchful eye on your print volume, you can efficiently discover the copier that best works with your office’s output.

While it seems as though all office copiers are designed for maximum workflow, there are some that are best suited for a print volume of no higher than 100,000 pages per month. If your office produces high volumes of paperwork, however, there are printers and copiers that are designed to meet the demands of 500,000 pages per month. If your print volume is under 100,000 pages per month you should clearly choose one of the lower volume models, which are less expensive.

Learn how many people will use the copier.

You might need multiple copiers for your office if there are going to be more than 50 users. A single copier might not be able to handle the more-or-less continual use, so having two on-premises could save you money in the long term, both from having to address problems with the machine itself and from the potential loss of productivity when the copier becomes unusable.

Learn your printing needs.

If you have little use for color printouts, you’ll probably want a monochrome copier, which only prints in black-and-white. This costs less than a color copier both in terms of the copier itself and the ink and toner cartridges required to operate it.

Learn the optimum paper size for your printouts.

Some copiers only print A4-sized sheets of paper, while others offer more flexibility. The larger your organization, the more likely you’ll need a diverse spectrum of options for your copies. However, if your office is relatively small, you’ll probably only need a single-size copier.

Learn the functions your office and employees require.

It’s highly likely your office will need scanning features, and possibly faxing capabilities depending upon the sorts of businesses you commonly communicate with. A multifunction copier can handle a broad spectrum of tasks, including brochure folding, booklet-making, stapling, and much more.

The unique software solutions in today’s multifunction copiers can enhance efficiency and productivity significantly while ensuring maximum data security. Visual Edge IT offers a broad spectrum of Xerox copiers for organizations of every type and size. To learn more about the best copiers for your business operations, please contact our helpful representatives today.