Unmanageable Overheads? How to Know if Your Need Managed IT Services in Orange County

Having managed IT services in Orange County is an excellent solution for small businesses without employing a dedicated IT technician. Listed below are the advantages of managed IT services in Orange County. We are a trusted provider of managed IT services and office equipment to businesses across various industries in Southern California. 

It is estimated, in the office, that office workers print more than 30 pages every day. Approximately half of those printed pages end up in the recycling bin or trash. The majority of companies in North America — 90 percent — do not monitor their printing expenditures or the number of documents they generate on a daily basis. This is a significant problem that leaves companies with considerable losses. For businesses that struggle to cope with their IT resources, managed IT services are a fantastic resource. 

Small businesses can take advantage of managed IT services in Orange County to keep their communications technology running efficiently and safely. This is as long as the local IT support staff well supports them. Most small businesses cannot afford to have dedicated IT staff onsite at all times, even though large corporations have an IT technician working on site. In collaboration with a trusted managed IT services provider, organizations can prevent their communications technology from breaking down without the burden of supporting a freshly hired employee. So, what are managed IT service providers, and how can you know you need them? You may benefit from using managed IT services for several reasons. Here are a few signs that this may be the case. 

Your IT costs keep rising.  

Managing your communications technology is important for keeping it working properly. However, a good IT service provider will also help you find the source of your expenses. You might incur costs due to: 

  • Printing at a copy center instead of the office printer because it cannot handle high volume 
  • Components, accessories, and services for obsolete equipment  
  • Incentives paid to employees for extending their work hours to deal with IT issues 

You will incur continual unnecessary costs of printing and storing documents if you don’t have an adequate IT infrastructure. You need to know how much your data storage and communications solutions cost you if you plan on operating profitably in the long run. Your office can build a very powerful communications platform through managed IT services that will not only enhance productivity but also save you money. 

It seems like you have an abundance of supplies that you never use. 

Aside from being expensive, office supplies also require storage, which isn’t free. Additionally, unneeded office supplies and equipment are vulnerable to theft. In order to understand how your business acquired unneeded supplies, you need managed IT services to assist with organizing, storing, and maintaining supplies, as these activities cost your organization money and time. 

This could be one of the primary reasons for your inflated costs if you have a variety of printers of different makes and models that don’t use the same materials. Employees can easily forget which cartridges go with which copier or printer and purchase the incorrect one. You’ll be able to keep your supplies organized if you stick with one printer model. You can find the optimal business equipment solutions based on your size, processes, and objectives by working with a managed IT service provider. 

There are stacks of unused printouts in your recycling bin. 

Here’s a shocking fact: U.S. employees waste one tree’s worth of paper from erroneously printed document pages every year. Can you estimate the financial impact? (Or the environmental one?) 

At the end of the day, if your recycling bin and trash are overflowing with unwanted printouts, you need IT management services in Orange County to determine the true cost of your printing solutions. You can monitor your organization’s printing activity with managed IT services in Orange County, so you will be able to better assess your document habits, requirements, and overheads. 

Our Orange County Managed IT services help organizations in Southern California improve communications and decrease costs by enhancing their efficiency. Please reach out to our helpful representatives to learn more about our IT management.