Unable to scan to email on your Xerox Copier?

ERROR: Unable to log in to sending mail server SMTP 016-718

Are you using a Gmail account for your scan to email?

As of 6/22 Google has changed its policy on how Gmail email accounts connect with external hardware and now requires dual authentication and the creation of an App Password to connect scan to email on your Xerox printer.

One of our techs has written up a step-by-step guide on how to resolve this issue by:

STEP 1: Create a GMAIL App Password

STEP 2: Install the GMAIL App Password onto your Xerox device

If you are an Visual Edge IT Customer and need help implementing this, please feel free to log a request on our PrintCare support portal.

If you are not an Visual Edge IT Customer, we hope you find these instructions helpful.

* Technology is a moving target. Instructions are given “as is” as of the creation of the document. Every Xerox MFP interface is slightly different (Altalink, Versalink, C60/C70, Primelink, etc), so some of the screens may be different, but this should be enough to noodle your way through. Use at your own risk. 


Scan to Email with a Gmail Email