Three Convenient Sizes

65 inch

75 inch

86 inch


TRUTOUCH VN Series is designed for an intuitive user experience that evokes inspiration. Collaborate seamlessly on an interactive display that combines simplicity with elegance.

  • Completely Non-proprietary
    No limit to interaction; collaborate with anyone, anywhere, using the software you want.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
    Every TRUTOUCH is designed with ease of use in mind. No training required, just start collaborating!
  • Superior Touch Experience
    With 20 points of touch and InGlass technology, write as smoothly as you would on a phone or tablet.

With the TRUTOUCH VN Series and its object recognition ability, the panel recognizes whether you’re trying to write, swipe, click, or move. Capture your team’s attention on a display with an improved viewing angle and best in class image quality with our unique optical bonding technology.

Creativity Through Simplicity

Newline’s new generation VN series feature upgraded IR touch technology that is more responsive and offer the most intuitive and smoothest writing experience. The multi-function display is a perfect solution for higher education classrooms, seminar rooms, and corporate meeting rooms.

Our Displays Work With

Use the programs you prefer and are familiar with, instead of relearning a whole new, proprietary system.

Quality, Simplicity, Innovation

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