The Right Xerox Printer for your Small Business Needs

Finding the right office equipment for your small business can prove to be a frustrating challenge. You need to assess your most pressing needs and then get the proper equipment that will last for years. Since 1906 the Xerox company has provided business owners with reliability and consistent quality. The company has a long history of innovation and adaptation as it has shifted its products and capabilities to match the dynamic needs of modern business.  

Xerox continues to lead the marketplace with its printers and copiers that can handle smaller jobs as well as produce crystal clear content at scale. Small business owners that are looking for fast growth often wonder if their technology tools can drive and keep up with that growth. They need adaptable and reliable technology that performs tasks at speed and improves the productivity of staff members throughout the organization.  

Visual Edge IT is a proven Xerox technology provider, located in California. We provide businesses of varying sizes with Xerox products backed by our full-service IT management. This includes 24/7 remote monitoring and network administration, service desk help, data backups, and reliable restoration services.  

Here are some quality Xerox machines offered through our company that provide small businesses with a range of capabilities: 

  • Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press 

This production printer offers brilliant colors at speed. It features up to six print stations with color-to-color registration. Small shops can get to production faster with the product’s Full Width Array, that baselines the press for optimal efficiency. They can produce landscape booklets inline with the machine’s extra-long sheets capabilities.  

  • Turn Copiers and Printers Into Assistants with ConnectKey Technology 

We provide clients with Xerox ConnectKey technology, which uses the cloud to enable sharing and translation services. It now only copies, scans, faxes, and prints content, but also enables cloud-based sharing. For a small business, this can remove data siloes, improve processes, and boost worker productivity. It gives your office’s all-in-one printers the same functions for a simpler user experience, with tight security protocols that keep your data and network safe.  

At Visual Edge IT, we offer managed IT services and a full lineup of printers and copiers, including multifunction machines, and production and wide-format printers. Our clients leverage their hardware and IT investments to stay ahead of the competition and get the most out of their technology.  

Need assistance from qualified experts about your Xerox and office equipment needs? We have the combination of expertise, managed IT services, and quality products that will help your office thrive. For example, there’s a strategic approach to procuring and placing office equipment. We can give you invaluable advice about aligning your business printing and scanning needs with the right products in the right location.  

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