Rise Above Commoditization With Inkjet Transformation

The Inkjet Opportunity.

Inkjet is more capable than ever. With stunning image quality improvements, increased media latitude, and built-in operational efficiencies, inkjet is more than a print technology. It is at the center of a transformational ecosystem designed to overcome many of today’s print manufacturing challenges.

Liberate yourself from trade-offs.

Inkjet is an essential strategic component to your organization precisely because it does what other print technologies can not. On its own or as part of a hybrid operation, inkjet ensures you are agile and ready for continually emerging opportunities

  • Inkjet lowers run costs
    Using blank rolls of paper for white paper-in printing saves money versus creating – and warehousing – offset preprinted shells for overprinting. In addition, inkjet has per-page costs approaching offset.
  • Inkjet boosts productivity
    Pressure for increased competitiveness has driven more aggressive lead times. One inkjet device can often replace multiple Xerographic presses, streamlining workflows to produce more jobs in less time while saving space – and reducing overhead costs. Inkjet also bypasses the time-consuming processes required for offset press setup, unlocking more productive shift time for commercial print operations.
  • Inkjet opens up new applications
    here are some needs only inkjet can answer profitably:

    • Incorporating customized full-color marketing content on high volumes of communications
    • Creating large ROI-driving personalized and triggered direct mail campaigns
    • Improving time-to-market for targeted publications
    • Producing short-turn, high-volume jobs cost-effectively
    • Transforming catalogs from static offset to personalized, revenue-driving pieces

These new applications – and more – have helped many print providers reinvent themselves with inkjet.


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