The Best Small Office Printers in San Bernardino, CA Simplify Processes

Office printers are one of those pieces of equipment that every business must have, regardless of the type of business, its size, or the industry it belongs. Printers, after all, are part and parcel of the documentation process. If you own a small business in San Bernardino and you’re looking for the best small office printers in San Bernardino, CA, you should first determine what type of printer you need. And to be able to do that, you must decide what it is you want your printer to do for your organization specifically.

Printers that go beyond printing

“A printer that can print. Is there any other kind?” Breakthroughs in digital technology have made day-to-day tasks simpler and easier to accomplish, and this goes for both the consumer side and the business side of things. This is good news for those looking for the best small office printers in San Bernardino, CA or elsewhere, for that matter, because this means you now have the option to get a printer that serves many other functions as well, and this doesn’t mean the usual print, copy, fax, and scan. It’s a smart printer that can simplify processes and enhance workplace efficiency and productivity.

Xerox office printers in San Bernardino, CA

The best small office printers in San Bernardino, CA have that ConnectKey Advantage. It’s Xerox technology that transforms Xerox printers into smart office assistants.

Xerox multifunction printers enabled with ConnectKey Technology simplifies documentation, network communication, and other office tasks through specific Xerox apps. To give you an overview, the Xerox App Gallery provides the following:

  • Cloud storage (Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive)
  • Business Processes (salesforce, QuickBooks, forms manager, Concur)
  • Document conversion (translator, audio to text)
  • Education (Blackboard, proofreader
  • Mobile printing
  • Support and security apps, and more

As you can see, ConnectKey Technology enabled Xerox office printers in San Bernardino, CA and other locations make it easier for organizations, particularly small office organizations, to keep up with today’s digital business landscapes and platforms. By providing small businesses with technologically advanced office printers, they are given the right tools to remain competitive in their industry and maintain their relevance to their target audience at the same time.

Print on the go. Share documents directly through your multifunction printer. Digitize and store documents. Translate documents to 50 other languages. All these, and so much more, are what you can do with your Xerox printer.

Xerox office printers in San Bernardino, CA at Visual Edge IT

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