Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography (SLA) models offer the most accurate type of fit/form prototype for the verification of any design before committing to your chosen production route. Its high accuracy and good surface finish makes it the preferred choice for designer models, engineering verification and master patterns for silicone rubber molds.

Need Rapid Prototyping with quick turn around on design models big or small?
SLA is a state-of-the-art solution, a part in hand can be as simple as a file transfer.

Quickparts Solutions is among the world’s leading product development specialists with extensive expertise in the application of Stereolithography (SLA) technology in rapid prototyping.

Anatomy of the SLA Processsla-2-banner_0

SLA is often considered the pioneer of the additive manufacturing processes, with the first production systems introduced in 1988 and patented by 3D systems founder Charles (Chuck) W. Hull. The SLA process utilizes a vat of liquid photopolymer resin cured by ultraviolet laser to solidify the pattern layer by layer to create or “print” a solid 3D model. (Read More)