Shine and glow with more than a million colors with the Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Kit

The Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Kit adds shiny metallics, bold whites, and glowing fluorescent colors to a Versant® 180 or PrimeLink® C9000 Series press, extending your palette to more than a million colors using 11 new toners.

That means more opportunity to bring ideas to life. And more ways to get printed pieces noticed. Opening the door to the fast growing, high margin specialty Beyond CMYK printing market and setting you apart from the competition.

The availability of the Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Kits on the Versant® 180 and PrimeLink® C9000 Series extends the Beyond CMYK capability across our product range. Without replacing your press, thousands of Versant® 180 and PrimeLink® C9000 Series owners can now offer print pieces that grab even more attention.


Imagine the Possibilities


An image that shines or glows on an invitation

Invitation and envelope

A metallic texture that looks real to touch on a poster or direct mail

Beach poster

Text on signage that pops in a retail environment

Trapeze postcard

A personalized banner with luxurious gold or silver metallic highlights

What is Adaptive CMYK+?

With just a few simple steps—and in about ten minutes—you remove your CMYK toner set and replace it with one of two self-contained, swappable multi-toner kits.

The Vivid Kit delivers:

  • A versatile White Toner
  • Eye-catching metallic Gold and Silver Toners
  • An elegant Clear Toner

The Fluorescent Kit includes:

  • Fluorescent Cyan, Fluorescent Magenta, and Fluorescent Yellow Toners
  • Capture and command attention with high impact fluorescent blends that expand your color palette and print opportunities.

Remove. Replace. Reinvent.

You can even print a CMYK job, swap in the Vivid or Fluorescent Kit, adding fluorescent or metallic embellishments in a second pass for stunning eye-grabbing results. There’s no need for toner or sheet purges between Kit swaps.

Which Products Support Adaptive CMYK+?

Triple your versatility today by upgrading your current press, or add our easy-to-swap Adaptive CMYK+ kits to a new Versant® 180 or PrimeLink® C9000 Series

  • Versant® 180 Presses with a Fiery DFE
  • PrimeLink® C9065/C9070 Digital Press with
    • Xerox® EX or EX-i C9065/C9070 Print Server Powered by Fiery®; or
    • Xerox® Integrated Color Server with Bianco Digitale Server Software for the PC
  • The Xerox® C60/C70 with the Vivid Kit only
    • Xerox® EX or EX-i C9065/C9070 Print Server Powered by Fiery®; or
    • Xerox® Integrated Color Server with Bianco Digitale Server Software for the PC

Take Your First Step to Affordable Embellishment

No other manufacturer offers a range of user-installable toner kits. Only with Xerox can you switch from CMYK, to specialty colors with no tools, and back to CMYK in minutes – all with a single device.

  • Infuse more speciality color and excitement in everything your print
  • Differentiate yourself and leap ahead of your competitors
  • Offer fast turnaround and personalization with metallics and fluorescent colors
  • Improve productivity driving higher margins with an easy to add-on swappable kit
  • Deliver higher-value print at premium prices