Scanning Basics; Setting Up Scan to E-mail on Your Multifunction Printer

With all the capabilities of today’s office multifunction printers (MFPs), I can guarantee there are some you’re not using. Some features you simply may not need and others you may not be aware of at all. One of the better known, and a personal favorite, is scan to e-mail.

Scanning has never been simpler. The 4 settings you need to know for Scan to Email.
The core functions of an MFP are print, copy, scan and fax and many products come with the ability to e-mail documents. These core functions should be easy to access and easy to use on any good multifunction printer. However, setting up these functions can be intimidating to a small business owner or someone without an IT background. Why is this you ask? Good question! The reason for that is simple; scan to e-mail accesses your network and a level of security is required. Striking that balance between making setup easy and keeping your network secure adds extra steps.

The bottom line is setting up the e-mail features of an MFP does require some knowledge of your network. If you find yourself without help from an IT person, Internet service provider, or a tech-savvy co-worker, here are a few things you will need to make the setup a little easier.

First you will need to answer some basic questions before you try to tackle the setup. You can get this information from the people who manage your network.

1) What is the SMTP server address?

2) What is the login name and password (if one is required)?

3) What kind of authentication does it use?

4) Does it require SSL?

With this information, you should be able to successfully navigate through the setup process for scan to e-mail with the assistance of your product’s User Guide or by navigating through the front panel of your multifunction printer.

The scan to e-mail feature is a quick way to distribute a printed page. When you utilize the product’s address book, you also save the time it takes to scan the document back to your desktop and send it out a separate e-mail. Taking a little time up front to setup scan to e-mail can save your small business a great deal of time on a daily basis. And remember to minimize your file size to keep from overloading the recipient’s in-box.

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