Print in Gold, Silver, White, and Clear Inks with CMYK Plus

It’s time to bring more imagination to every printed page.

Specialty printing is one of the fastest-growing digital segments, opening up expanded possibilities for designers, printers, and print buyers. Clearly, expectations for digital printing are changing. How can you adapt to the evolving demands of your customers?

Shows examples of Vivid CMYK Plus Toner from Xerox for Color C60/C70

Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology doubles your design freedom by giving you the power to add four new high-end CMYK Plus enhancements using the Xerox® Color C60/70 Printers.

Previously only available on devices with a much larger footprint and higher price tag like the Xerox Iridesse, you can now add CMYK Plus Technology to the Xerox® Color C60 or Xerox® Color C70 Printers.

This dynamic, flexibly accessory can be added to the printer at any time allowing you to impress your audience with glimmering golds, eye-catching silver, a versatile layer of whiteplus elegant clear accents.

How it Works:

Adapt + Flex + Product = Profit

When coupled with the advantages of digital printing like short runs and a wide array of imageable substrates, the growing number of digital embellishment options present a wide range of inspiring, high-value opportunities.

Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology gives you an affordable entry point into high-value print enhancements, letting you realize new profit potential from your existing C60/70 investment.


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