Optimize Your Enterprise Print Infrastructure to Improve Efficiency

Environmental Sustainability is Smart Business with Xerox

Many organizations are striving to reduce their environmental footprint. Xerox can help you in many ways. In the office, Visual Edge IT will design a more environmentally sustainable print infrastructure based on ENERGY STAR rated devices, multifunction devices and environmentally responsible print technologies. Two examples are: • EA toner, a dry ink technology patented by Xerox, which produces sharper images and requires up to 40% less toner than conventional toners • Cartridge-free solid ink, which produces 90% less landfill waste than conventional office laser printers In addition, we can help you develop environmentally focused print policies that leverage technologies like the selection of environmentally sound papers, duplex printing, cover sheet suppression and multiple pages-up printing. In the production area, we apply strict management of supplies and consumables and find innovative ways to eliminate unnecessary printing. Overall, we can help you meet your environmental sustainability goals, including reducing your carbon footprint, energy and paper usage—and help you become an environmental leader in your industry. We don’t just help you find the solution— we are also part of the solution. Through Xerox’s Green World Alliance program, we are able to recycle or re-use 90% of our toner cartridges and containers, keeping millions of pounds of waste out of landfills. It’s just one more way that we ensure that your optimized environment is also a sustainable one.