Office Printer Profile: Xerox Versalink C9000 Series Color Multifunction Printer

If you need reliably glorious, life-like color printing capabilities and high-grade color management features, the Versalink C9000 Series Color Multifunction Printer might be the device for you. Here’s why it’s a winner.


The Versalink C9000 was designed to function in high-paced office environments that require printouts to deliver exceptional color and vibrancy. Upon its first use, you’ll notice that the C9000 offers supreme ease and intuitiveness, perfectly executing diverse tasks from the moment it’s first installed.

With an easy installation process that doesn’t require the assistance of IT professionals, your printer will be ready to perform instantly. With fewer moving parts, an innovative hardware design, and an exceptional user experience, the C9000 is as simple to operate as a smartphone. With mobile and cloud-readiness, users can access this unit’s features, however, and wherever, they want.


The C9000 delivers comprehensive security features that incorporate a robust assortment of fully integrated elements that prevent access by unauthorized users and provide suspicious use detection. With Secure Print technology and card authorization features, sensitive information is kept safeguarded.


If you want color printouts with professional-grade color and vitality, the C9000 definitely delivers. With next-generation color imaging that remains crisp and detailed after multiple prints, the C9000 empowers you with the tools you need to create customer-facing media yourself!

The high-print resolution gives you the ability to produce images and photo reproductions with the crisp detail and graphics that rival the work of dedicated printing services. Its solid-color reproductions work in tandem with Xerox Color Correction technology to provide printouts that meet your exacting requirements. Never any streaking, bleeding, or banding.

Graphic designers will love the color precision and accuracy of the Xerox Precise Color Management System. This technology allows you to seamlessly and flawlessly reproduce the colors of other print media, so you can generate your proprietary colors for your brand in-house.


The 5-inch color touchscreen interface allows for enhanced customization and delivers a familiar mobile device experience that users can adapt quickly and easily. Don’t like the factory orientation? You can quickly and easily change the layout to make it more familiar for you.

The intuitive screen guides users through every command to ensure successful and efficient execution of even the most challenging tasks.

Visual Edge IT is proud to offer exceptional office equipment designed to meet the needs and budgets of every workplace. To learn more about our buying and leasing options for the Xerox Versalink C9000 or any of our excellent copiers and printers, please contact our helpful representatives today.