MultiJet Printing

MultiJet Printing (MJP) is a new Rapid Prototyping process that provides a quick turnaround for smooth, high-resolution, hard plastic parts with complex geometries. The process consists only of UV bulbs and photopolymer materials.

Need Rapid Prototyping of designs with smooth surfaces and highly complex geometries? MultiJet printing is the solution for you.

Printed parts have smooth surfaces and exceptional feature details and mechanical properties suitable for study models, form & fit testing and other applications.

The MJP process consists of a print head, platform, UV lamp, and a planarizer. Just like any 3D-printing machine, the process requires a 3D CAD file. The 3D printer then prints each layer of the file in UV curable liquid plastic onto a flat platform. The wax support material is also jetted to fill voids and other non-freestanding features. UV lamps solidify the materials, creating a fully cured plastic or wax part.

Anatomy of the MultiJet Printing Processmjp-banner

MultiJet Printing is an additive manufacturing process that prints thin layers of UV curable liquid plastics and wax support materials to create high resolution fully cured plastic parts. (Read More)

Material Properties

Process Comparison Chart