Managed IT Support Boosts Network Performance and Reliability

A business’ IT infrastructure, which includes its network and all its components, is considered as the organization’s backbone because while it merely stays in the background, it controls every aspect of the business. Visual Edge IT, the leading provider of managed IT support services in key locations in California, notes that without a robust IT infrastructure in place, a business’ profitability could be negatively impacted. Some even say poor sales is inevitable if the IT infrastructure or the network performs poorly.

Managed IT Solutions: Common Network Issues

With the right managed IT support service, you can avoid the following pitfalls commonly experienced by organizations that lack the support of a reliable managed IT service team:

Unhappy customers

Providers of Managed IT Solutions like Visual Edge IT are often sought out after an issue with the IT system or network infrastructure has already manifested, which is unfortunate because the costly consequences that follow could have been avoided, and your brand could have been spared from the negative feedback from irate customers.

Customers experiencing issues with their orders from your e-commerce site or those who could not reach you through your website or social media channels to seek assistance with a recently bought product will not think twice about giving you a negative review for your poor customer service.

Network issues that make you unreachable through your digital platforms can be avoided or minimized if you had a reliable managed IT service team monitoring your network 24/7.

Compromised sensitive data

Networks are vulnerable to attacks from hackers, malicious software, viruses, and other harmful activities from unscrupulous entities online. When this happens, your company’s sensitive data could be compromised. Your customers’ identities could be stolen, financial information could be illegally obtained and used, or you could lose all important data related to your business and operations.

When your network security has been breached, it could mean irrecoverable losses, both financially and reputation-wise.

Managed IT service providers include network monitoring services as well as virus scans and removal. They also make sure to have all your software and applications regularly updated, which minimizes the risk of malicious attacks.

Overall unreliability

Suffice it to say that a network infrastructure that is not well-maintained is not a network your organization can rely on. Such simple tasks as data retrieval, order taking and processing, and addressing customer complaints promptly become major stressors that test your will and wit. On the other hand, a robust network system enhances productivity in the workplace, and improves performance and reliability.

Outsourced managed IT support

A lot of companies these days, particularly small and medium-size businesses, prefer an outsourced Managed IT service team as it is more affordable compared to having a full-time IT team to monitor their network. There are businesses too that seek the professional assistance of Managed IT Solutions providers to complement their existing IT team.

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