Managed IT Services Network Printers: ConnectKey Technology

If there was ever one technological advancement that offices across the country, and arguably the world, are grateful for, it’s giving office printers the capability to be connected to an internal network. This means, anyone connected to a specific network can use a single printer. Managed IT services, on the other hand, ensure internal networks are always connected, among others.

Network connected printers

Network connected printers enhance operations as employees are able to print with ease. Where in the past local office printers are usually connected to a single computer through a USB cable, nowadays, network printers have become the norm. Network printers are connected to the internet through an ethernet cable or through wi-fi technology. However which way they are connected online, employees are afforded the convenience and flexibility of printing directly from their network connected device.

Other than the convenience and flexibility network office printers afford employees, network printers also help cut down costs as the office will no longer need several printers where one or two units are generally assigned per department. With a network-capable printer, a single unit is usually enough for a small or medium-size office space.

Xerox ConnectKey Technology

While network connected printers have become the norm, not every brand, unit or model offer the same capabilities. How advanced the tools and features are in each network-capable printer brand make all the difference in the world.

ConnectKey Technology by Xerox is arguably one of the best technologies ever developed for network-capable office printers. This technology basically turns your ConnectKey capable Xerox printer into a smart assistant.

Here are some of the key features offices enjoy with a ConnectKey network printer:

  • Transform hard copies of documents into digital/electronic documents
  • Print from your mobile device (iOS and Android compatible)
  • Print on the go through Cloud services
  • Customizable tablet-like color multi-touch screen to access apps
  • Security tools to prevent malicious attacks and unauthorized access of documents
  • Enables Managed Print Services that allows for remote configuration and installation, scalability to serve more users, and workflow efficiency

Basically, what ConnectKey Technology does is provide advanced users with office printers that go beyond conventional copying, printing, scanning, and faxing.

Managed IT services for network connected printers

Managed IT services make sure your existing IT infrastructure is up to industry standards to ensure it is functioning as it should. The same services may likewise help you set-up your IT infrastructure, oversee your IT systems, and provide troubleshooting and remote assistance when needed.

In brief, Managed IT services are often requested to oversee company networks, which includes all IT-related devices and equipment like network computers and printers. Network management is critical to any business not only for operations but more importantly, for keeping networks and data secure and safe from malicious attacks. Outsourced Managed IT services are solely dedicated to your company’s IT systems and networks, which means the risk of malicious attacks, downtimes, crashes, and other common IT issues is greatly reduced. With your ConnectKey printer, this means all data and documents stored through this technology will be doubly secured as you have the security tools from the ConnectKey technology itself as well as security methods employed by the IT management services provider.

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