Managed IT services in Orange County Requires a Trusted Partner

If you run a small to medium-sized business in Orange County, California, it’s likely you’ve thought about optimizing your IT responsibilities. You might have an onsite IT team, or use a single consultant to manage network, server, and device management and a host of other IT requirements and best practices. It’s a necessary part of your business, but one that requires a lot of time and money if you “go it alone.” The optimal approach is to leverage Orange County IT specialists, where you rely on an outside experienced provider who keeps you running smoothly while protecting your business from hackers and harm.

So, what exactly does “managed IT services” provide? These services come through a third-party (like Visual Edge IT) that manages a customer’s network, watches for cybersecurity threats, oversees device usage and problems, and does this all within the framework of a defined service level agreement, or SLA. Companies with managed IT services relationships essentially outsource IT functions to a company with staffing and expertise capabilities that are well beyond what the firms could operate on their own.

Visual Edge IT is also a trusted provider of Xerox brand printers, copiers, scanners, and multifunction devices. The company’s managed IT services include management of all these devices, including security access and device monitoring, maintenance, and other functions. It’s a complete managed services offering that protects multiple entry and exit points from a company’s network, keeps users informed of best practices, and prevents intrusions that can potentially wrack the company’s brand reputation.

Highlights of Visual Edge IT’s managed IT services in Orange County include:

  • Proactive network motive network security that can thwart attacks before they reach critical infrastructure or content. Preventing breaches saves time and effort performing data recovery and can protect your brand from catastrophic damage.
  • Leverage cloud-based security tools instead of on-site physical networking defenses which require in-person management and various manual operations.
  • Server monitoring that detects suspicious activity and also identifies if your business needs additional capacity.
  • The company can handle most tasks remotely, but has skilled technicians who can visit clients within minutes to resolve any network, security, or device matter.
  • Visual Edge IT creates detailed network status reports to highlight potential exploitable areas or to reassure clients their systems are functioning properly and they remain at low risk.

Small and medium-sized Orange County businesses that utilize Visual Edge IT’s copiers, scanners, and printers can rely on the firm’s managed IT services to keep the devices functioning perfectly. These devices feature cloud integration for digital document management and creation, which give staff members enhanced capabilities to access and duplicate content from anywhere. Managed IT services ensure this process goes smoothly and online access does not put the company’s network at risk from potential breaches.

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Featured Photo by fauxels