Judith Jarvis recognized as an Industry “Difference Maker”

Congratulations to Visual Edge IT Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer Judith Jarvis on being recognized as an Industry “Difference Maker” by ENX MAGAZINE! We are grateful for your leadership and the difference you make here at Visual Edge IT!

Why Judith Jarvis is a difference maker:

Jarvis offers real leadership that focuses on personal development, based on thankfulness, kindness, humbleness, and gratitude. A homegrown talent, Jarvis has excelled in every step of her career at Visual Edge IT, culminating with her current role as Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer. She created a communications tool that not only streamlined Visual Edge IT’s sales information and processes, but also facilitates company-wide teamwork and knowledge sharing. Jarvis develops leaders, motivates, counsels and inspires the sales organization across the organization’s 16 locations, spanning nearly all of California. A graduate of the University of Redlands in Southern California with a BA in political science, she sits on the board of directors for Trinity Youth Services, a children’s based 501(c)(3), and is committed to helping children and animals.

“Her vision and insight into operational components of our business, and recognition of opportunities for improvement throughout all of the disciplines of our organization, truly makes the difference for Visual Edge IT. With over 23% revenue growth from 2017-2018, her leadership and willingness to improve performance through staff development makes the differences sustainable and rewarding for the company and the employees who are impacted by her leadership.” ~ Brad Craft, President


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