Our IT Services at Visual Edge IT include the implementation and management of quality information technology services.

Our IT service management is performed by our very own specialists with extensive knowledge in informational technology.

We focus on providing a framework to structure IT-related activities within your business, to ensure all of your IT services are performed seamlessly. We offer IT services and management from many of our reputable partners, including; but not limited too, NSI Autostore, Nuance, PaperCut and Avatara Complete Cloud. Read below from more information on each of these softwares.


Print Management eliminates wasteful printing. Print only what you need, when you need it, and where you need it. Capture & Workflow enhances speed access to information that is sometimes trapped in paper, in the system you want it, in the format you need. Conversion & Workflow help transform key documents into digital assets all in the most popular formats.

NSI Autostore (Notable Solutions)

Software that extends business processes to office and mobile devices with intelligent and secure capture, route and print services. As a result, greater participation in an organization’s business processes is achieved, affording internal staff as well as external partners and customers the ability to easily contribute to the business workflow ─ wherever they may be ─using any device at their disposal.

Paper Cut

Implementation ranges from silently tracking employee usage by individual, office or department, to explicit reporting of usage costs, budgeting, and environmental impacts. Rest easy knowing your organization’s printing is being monitored and under control.

PapeCut logo

Avatara Complete Cloud Game-changing Utility

“Cloud” products that are defined in simple to understand formats. Each of these formats offer the same core features and deliver the benefits of a more cost-effective, more available, and much greener IT infrastructure for your business.