IT Managed Services for Remote Work: How IT Support Can Help Your Transition

Many businesses are transitioning to remote work due to the COVID-19 crisis, which is causing numerous challenges for businesses of all sizes. If your organization is going to stay viable, it is critical that you overcome these challenges and even discover new ways of optimizing your business operations. By reaching out to IT managed support services for assistance in this difficult time, your business can achieve both of these goals.

IT managed services can help your business manage the demands of the pandemic and help facilitate remote work. Here are a few ways IT managed services can help your business not only overcome this crisis, but even improve its operations.

Provide Remote Access to Important Data Sets

Your team members will need access to information quickly and efficiently if they’re going to complete their tasks reliably. This being the case, the solutions your business uses to store critical data will mean the difference between your team members’ ability to work offsite successfully and needing to physically come into the office.

Your data should be stored securely and regularly backed up. you might either use the cloud, an onsite server, or a hosted space for this purpose. Regardless of what system you use, it is critical that is it is kept securely. However, your team will need the tools and ability to retrieve this data remotely. Your employees should have the ability to tap into the necessary proprietary information with relative ease to ensure optimum productivity. In order to keep the information secure, you will have to employ some safeguards, such as a virtual private network, terminal server, or Remote Desktop Service.

Employ the Right Communication Tools

Remote team members will require secure and effective communication tools so that they can interact seamlessly and securely. Whether the preferred communication method is instant messaging, email, video conferencing, or teleconferencing, a managed IT support team will help you select the most effective strategy for interoffice communications, as well as communications with clients, vendors, and customers.

Implement Strong Security Features

Keeping your business secure and protected from data breaches and other threats should be a top priority. Unfortunately, with team members working offsite, you might be particularly vulnerable to lapses in security protocols. The vast majority of data breaches occur when employees are less-than vigilant about maintaining security measures, and the distractions many employees experience while working from home exacerbates this issue.

Make sure that any devices your employees use are clear of any viruses and malware before allowing them access to your network. Always reiterate the importance of following security procedures – provide in-depth instruction on security best practices to assure compliance.

It is completely natural to struggle with the shift to remote work, and the professionals at Visual Edge IT are ready to help you surmount the obstacles you might face. For more information about our managed IT services, please contact our team for a consultation.