Is Managed IT Worth It? The Case for Managed IT

If you’ve been wondering if managed IT is worth it, here are a few things to consider. Visual Edge IT offers IT managed services for businesses in Orange County and throughout Southern California. Learn more here.

We can easily tell you that Managed IT support is the best thing for your unique business’s needs. After all — we’re managed IT service providers! Don’t we always think managed IT is the best option?

Mostly, yes. But not always.

What you need and how you benefit depend on your circumstances.

Many companies, especially startups and small businesses, find that managed services are essential. However, if your business is a tiny, home-based operation and you possess basic IT knowledge, you probably don’t need managed IT services.

An IT managed service is intended for small or start-up-sized businesses that are seeking to grow. There’s a need for IT support for businesses like these, whether with on-site employees or by hiring managed IT services.

So, if you’re struggling to decide which IT support options are best for you, ask yourself this question: Which is the best fit for you?

Support in-house is convenient since you can have a person (or a team) directly affiliated with your organization and under your direction. This will, however, require regular supervision and monitoring. Moreover, salaries and benefits will have to be paid regularly — even during slow periods when your IT staff don’t have much to do.

You can expect higher-quality service and support from a managed IT provider. Managed IT services aren’t always the best choice, but when your business grows to a certain point, managed IT could be a good fit. In terms of business growth and automation, it depends on where your company is on its journey.

If you want to pursue this option, you should decide whether it is worthwhile to hire a managed IT provider. In particular, you should consider your return on investment.

Choosing to hire a managed IT service provider means that a professional IT team will take care of your IT infrastructure. Your support experts guarantee your computer systems are regularly updated and running smoothly. You can also hire a technical expert to design a backup plan so that even if your network goes down, a copy of your data is already safely stored someplace else.

Even if there is a problem with your computer or network, you won’t experience any major issues because you’ll be using cloud storage. Your company will be able to continue to operate without interruptions after a technician recovers and secures your data. It will not even be noticeable to your customers.

Whether you are a consumer or a company, the importance of this cannot be overstated. Not only will continuous functionality allow your team members to maintain optimal productivity, but your customers will also appreciate your reliable service. On the other hand, if you experience regular disruptions, you could gain a reputation for unreliability.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to inconvenience your customers or your employees. By assuring consistent service, you’ll get a significant return on investment.

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