Introducing the Xerox ® VersaLink ® C405 Color Multifunction Office Printer

The Xerox ® VersaLink ® C405 Color Multifunction Printer delivers next-level technology with traditional Xerox reliability. With cloud connectivity and mobile functionality, the Xerox ® VersaLink ® C405 Color Multifunction printer is a workplace workhorse. Visual Edge IT offers a full suite of Xerox office copiers and printers, giving businesses across industries the resources they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive economy.

Every workplace can afford to improve its operational functionality. If your team routinely prints duplicate documents, loses track of printouts, and struggles to use the printer’s function, your office printer isn’t enhancing your operations – it’s hindering them. Effective printing solutions can transform your business.

The right color office printer can help your business achieve phenomenal productivity and efficiency, and the Xerox ® VersaLink ® C405 Color Multifunction Printer offers all of the tools the contemporary, tech-friendly workplace needs to achieve peak performance. High security, flexible features, and integrated user training support make this unit a powerful asset in any office.

This unit is packed with value-adding features that help to eliminate standard office inefficiencies; user instructions can be accessed from anywhere using the Remote Control Panel; the Scan and Fax Preview tool eliminates printing inaccuracies (saving your office time and money); the document scanning feature is empowered with integrated optical character recognition, which allows you to file, edit, and locate even scanned handwritten documents automatically.

Technology-Powered Efficiency

The Xerox ® VersaLink ® C405 Color MFP offers a 5-inch color touchscreen, giving users an intuitive interface that helps them execute diverse tasks quickly and accurately. The Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps deliver enhanced usability, featuring optional translation features as well as a full suite of additional applications designed to automate complex workflows using Google Drive, Microsoft, DropBox, and OneDrive apps.

Xerox® ConnectKey® technology delivers an abundance of productivity enhancements, including:

  • User-Friendly Interface. The table-inspired touchscreen offers a familiar format for the majority of your workforce. Customizable and intuitive, the controls can be adapted to the needs of your organization and team.
  • Cloud and Mobile Powered. This Xerox office printer offers immediate and seamless remote connectivity, enabling your workforce to work however and wherever they want.
  • Unparalleled Security. The Xerox ® VersaLink ® C405 offers next-generation security features, effectively preventing unauthorized use and identifying potentially suspicious actions.

Visual Edge IT has offered high-performing, top-of-the-line Xerox printers to the Southern California community for more than four decades, becoming a trusted resource to organizations across sectors. If you think a Xerox ® VersaLink ® C405 could be right for your business, please visit our information page to learn more.