Visual Edge IT is proud to be Orange County’s premier IT support company

Are you a small business owner or manager in Orange County that wants to improve or expand your company’s printing, scanning, and copying capabilities? Managing document creation, printing, and collaboration is a significant hurdle for many small companies like yours. You have pressing needs, but you can’t justify the expense of a full-time IT person to help manage cybersecurity, network connectivity and equipment issues. And, it can prove difficult to find a qualified person with this skill set who’s able to understand the best solutions for your environment and will stay on top of the latest hardware and software trends. An elegant alternative is managed IT solutions for businesses in Orange County provided by an experienced and reliable firm. Orange County-based small businesses can improve their printing and scanning processes and improve their security through a professional relationship with Visual Edge IT. 

At Visual Edge IT, we’re leaders in managed IT solutions, and have helped companies in Orange County outsource various business processes since 1988. As Xerox Corporation’s largest independent agent-dealer, we have access to the best printers and copiers that enable firms like yours to produce stunning content and collaborate more effectively.  

We offer complete managed IT services for Orange County businesses, including: 

  • 24/7 remote monitoring that keeps your network under control and protection, and ensures all connected printers, scanners, and copiers are running at optimal performance. We can help prevent business process interruptions that might otherwise impact your client deliverables.  
  • Network administration for high uptime to keep you and your team connected to your equipment, vital documents, and to each other.  
  • Data backups to protect intellectual property. We also offer restorations to recover your files after a problem, so you don’t lose important work, and can proceed with needed business with minimal delay.   
  • Full support of managed IT and print services. This covers hardware, such as printers and copiers and related routers and hubs, various software programs, and your company’s various data and communication needs that keep you running like well-oiled machine.   

Cybersecurity Protections 

Our managed IT solutions for businesses in Orange County includes high-level cybersecurity protections. We employ multiple layers of protection to ensure your networks are safe from hackers and your data and content are secure and only shared with the appropriate parties. We monitor your network and various equipment to spot unauthorized intrusions, and put in place strong access rules such as two-factor authentication to reduce potentially devastating intrusions. We provide clients guidance on reducing ransomware exposure and threats, an event that can cripple a small business.  

Cost Savings with Waste Reductions 

Another part of our Orange County managed IT services capabilities is helping clients reduce waste and streamline their operations. Many firms manage their own printing and copying processes. Unfortunately, as they add new machines, they often purchase the wrong products such as toner, cartridges and other items. They might also call for maintenance for the wrong model number, or not have the experience to identify the problem which means longer machine downtimes and possibly greater repair expenses.  

Another form of waste is over-printing of unnecessary documents. Large-scale color printing costs money, and small businesses running on slim margins cannot afford to waste paper and toner. Managed IT services helps by streamlining printing, by connecting people and devices to avoid duplication and provide transparency into what’s being produced in the office.  

We are the right choice for Orange County managed IT solutions because of our industry knowledge and experience with multiple implementations and clients from various industry verticals. For immediate attention, fill out our contact form at our Contact Us Page , or call 800-336-1642.