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Visual Edge IT, the leading provider of managed IT support in San Francisco and various other locations in California, shares that most people mistake software engineering and software development as being one and the same. While their purpose and function may overlap and in fact, appear to be the same, they are actually quite different from one another. As to how both professions relate to information technology, you could say their unique distinctions are used and applied in specific areas or components of information technology.

What’s the difference between software development/software developer and software engineering/software engineer?

In a nutshell, a software developer is someone who creates a program, application, or operating system for a specific purpose, either for a mobile platform or desktop environment, or both. Additionally, software developer is more focused on the user side of information technology in a commercial setting. They also work on a more limited capacity compared to software engineers.

Software engineering, on the other hand, is more focused on what goes on behind the scenes; that is, what goes into the computer system and/or program or application. Software engineers are more focused on the design, development, testing, and maintenance of software. A software engineer’s job is more analytical and logic-based compared to a software developer’s job, which is more user-centric and creative.

Further, software engineering is more of a team-based profession as various skills and expertise are needed to create a seamless system. With software development, the individual can choose to work alone, and remotely at that. If the software developer chooses to work on a freelance basis, they can do so with ease. With software engineering, the job generally requires being present at the project site or office location as it generally requires working closely with others in the same field, as mentioned above.

How does all this relate to information technology? In a commercial setting, both software developers and software engineers are tasked with specific jobs to ensure the IT infrastructure remains fully functional and secure. Software developers may be tasked to come up with a program or application to address certain issues within the computer network. Software engineers, on the other hand, may be requested to evaluate certain loopholes in data transmission or vulnerabilities in encryption, testing software currently utilized for these, among other things.

In general, both fields are critical to ensuring the integrity of an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Managed IT support in San Francisco

Where does Managed IT support come into play? Seeing that software engineers and software developers are responsible for various tasks on a daily basis, they need all the assistance they can get. This is where managed IT support in San Francisco (or elsewhere) becomes an indispensable component of your business’ IT infrastructure.

If your business is in the San Francisco area, for instance, managed IT support in San Francisco will not only ensure your IT infrastructure remains robust and reliable, but more importantly, that each of its components is up to par with industry standards. In a highly digitized city like San Francisco, it is important that your IT infrastructure’s systems and components are up-to-date with the latest in your industry if you wish to maintain your competitiveness and remain significant to your target audience.

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