If You’re Going to Buy Office Equipment, Buy a Multifunction Printer

If you either own or manage a small-to-mid-sized business, you’ve probably spent a great deal of time trying to figure out the best way to reduce overhead costs. A multifunction printer can help you save money and increase efficiency – win-win! Visual Edge IT helps companies across industries buy office equipment that helps them run their operations productively and profitably.

You might not think that a multifunction office printer holds the key to ultimate long-term savings, but it’s a fantastic investment that will pay significant dividends. The simple addition of a multifunction printer allows you to reduce your overall copier and printer equipment budget and enhance employee efficiency.

Communication technologies are advancing at a galloping pace. If your organization doesn’t take advantage of the current digital innovations that reduce waste and streamline operations, then your competitors will, putting you at a major disadvantage.

Having the best office equipment allows your team members to execute their duties quickly and accurately, enhancing productivity overall. Moreover, multifunction printers offer a huge assortment of features that help users manage their documents effectively, so you don’t have to bear the cost of wasted ink, toner, and paper when documents are printed or copied incorrectly, or lost.

Replacing multiple copiers and printers with a single, more powerful, and performance-oriented machine will spare you the cost of maintaining multiple pieces of equipment. A single multifunction printer can:

  • Print documents
  • Scan documents
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Print in color and black and white

Because certain activities can be performed simultaneously – you can scan, email, and fax a document at the same time – your employees save time.

Multifunction Printer Benefits

Multifunction printers are both money-saving and convenient, because you don’t have to purchase different supplies for different pieces of equipment – all of the inks, toners, and paper will be compatible with the single machine. The single multifunction printer can connect to all office computers and authorized communications devices, so that printing can be executed remotely via tablet or smartphone.

High-volume multifunction printers can save you the cost and time of having your printed marketing materials produced offsite. You can generate your own brochures, pamphlets, booklets, and other published materials in-office. Your printer can also print out detailed, crisp, and professional reports you can give to shareholders and prospective investors.

Visual Edge IT offers a huge selection of exceptional Xerox multifunction printers designed to make document management secure, simple, and cost-effective. For more than 30 years, Visual Edge IT has been a trusted office equipment supplier, providing businesses throughout Southern California with high-performance copiers, printers, and managed IT solutions that allowed them to reach their full operational potential.

To learn more about our assortment of multifunction printers, please visit our ConnectKey Technology information page. For a free quote if you want to lease or buy office equipment, please contact our helpful team.

Featured Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels