How to load your paper and confirm paper tray properties

Image issues can be caused by many different things including the paper. All paper is not created equal. You have recycled paper, many different paper weights and different textures. In order for your printer to print properly you have to “tell” it what kind of paper is loaded in the paper tray. If you tell it the wrong type or weight it could cause a problem with your image quality. Why you may ask, well the machine makes internal changes depending on the paper weight and type. For instance it may increase the temperature for one type of paper or change the clearance for a heavyweight paper.

If you are seeing residual images or ghosting or you have toner that is not adhering to the paper it may be that something is not set correctly in the paper settings. End users of the machine sometimes do not believe that a seemingly minor adjustment can have such a large impact on the outcome of the prints. Next time you have an image quality issue give it a try, make sure you check to make sure you have the correct settings for the paper you are using. It couldn’t hurt and it just may fix the problem.

On most Xerox printers and multifunction printers each time the paper tray is opened and closed the paper tray settings display on the control panel. This is the time that you can tell the machine exactly what type of paper it will be printing on to. If the settings are correct touch confirm or ok. On some machines the paper size is automatically detected from the position of the paper guides. On other machines you will need to program in the size of the paper. Select Size and select the size of paper loaded. If a change needs to be made on the type of paper, select Type to change the type and select Color to select a different color paper, then press Confirm or OK to confirm the changes.

Below is the video “Loading Paper and Confirming Paper Tray Properties” that shows you how to load the paper and confirm the paper tray properties on the printers, similar steps are taken on other machines. Please check in the online knowledgebase for your product to find out how to change the paper type and weight settings.