How to Get a Fresh Start in 2016

As the last days of 2015 wind down, it’s wise to keep your return clearly in mind. Use some of your remaining time this year to prepare yourself to return in January and be productive right out of the gate.

Getting ready to do this can be easier than you think.

3 small fixes to set yourself up for top productivity at work in 2016

1. Good Housekeeping Goes a Long Way

You don’t need to do a white-glove test but literally cleaning up your desk and work area sets the stage for your workday. De-clutter by tossing or recycling items from your desk that you don’t really need there. Put up your 2016 calendar, hang a picture or get a small plant to spruce up your space and watch your energy and focus increase, too.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Purge

Clean out your files—physical and digital. You can almost always find something in your folders that you no longer need. Move essential documents from completed projects to archives or cloud storage and delete what you no longer need. You may even benefit from developing a new approach to how you organize your project files and email folders to more easily stay up-to-date on your tasks.

3. Re-energize Your Workflow

If you’re like most of us, you have a need to regularly share documents and information with others. Instead of being tied down to in-office physical document hand-offs, put technology to work for you. Investigate solutions like Xerox® Mobile Print Solutions that let you take advantage of all that mobile printing has to offer. These cloud- or server-based offerings can boost your productivity from anywhere your business takes you.

Xerox® multifunction printers enabled with Xerox ConnectKey Technology can dramatically improve your in-office efficiencies and be a great corollary to mobile printing solutions. Custom apps can be created to set up workflows specific to your needs. Documents can be routed to who and where they need to be in fewer steps and with less time than before.

Making Productivity Your New Year’s Resolution

These tips may seem simple but they can deliver great power to you. When you work more efficiently, you can get more done in less time and even free up more time for the rest of your life.