How to Find a Top-Tier Office Equipment Supplier

Regardless of whether you run a small, mid-sized, or large business, who you choose as your office equipment supplier can make a huge difference in your business’s expenditures, productivity, and revenue generation. Here are a few tips for finding the best office equipment supplier. Visual Edge IT has been Southern California’s most trusted office equipment supplier for more than 30 years, providing organizations across industries with high-performing copiers and printers.

If you are the owner of a business, you probably give more consideration to the brand of your office equipment than you do your office equipment supplier. After all, all your supplier does is sell or lease you your printers, right?

Yes, but your office equipment supplier can influence your business’s operations significantly. In fact, it can even affect your organization’s bottom line for years to come.

When choosing your office equipment supplier, keep the following factors in mind.

What are your office equipment provider’s specialties?

While it might seem convenient to have an office equipment supplier that offers a broad spectrum of equipment, you might want a supplier that has a specific area of expertise so that you know your supplier will offer you the best advice about potential upgrades and functions as your business evolves and grows.

Does your supplier carry a broad range of models?

If your supplier specializes in one type of equipment, does that supplier provide a diverse assortment of models, or do they carry models that are appropriate for businesses of a particular size? Again, your business will (hopefully) grow and evolve, and it’s handy to have an office equipment supplier that can continually offer you the best tools for your operations as they become more complex and demanding.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll start with small office copiers and eventually require giant, high-volume multifunction printers — you might discover that your large copier isn’t suitable for your office space and responsibilities and opt for smaller, more nimble units.

What is the price range?

This is generally the first consideration for most business owners. However, leasing options, warranty packages, service contracts, and other features can add significant value to a supplier’s services. If you opt for the supplier that offers the cheapest equipment without taking maintenance and warranty considerations into account, you might find yourself stuck paying for services and repairs yourself, effectively canceling out any savings you might have initially enjoyed.

How quickly does your supplier respond to queries?

If you find yourself in need of a piece of office equipment immediately, does your supplier respond quickly, or do you have to wait for days for a representative to contact you? A great supplier will offer customer support, and help you not only during the buying or leasing process, but will also assist you with any troubleshooting.

Visual Edge IT offers dedicated support to all of our clients, helping them acquire the best Xerox copiers and printers for their needs and budgets. We also provide managed IT services, giving businesses across industries the security solutions they need to ensure total data security, efficiency, and effective document management.

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