How Office Printers Can Streamline Physical Document Storage

Technology has proven itself a friend of efficiency. The latest devices and innovations have given small businesses the power to operate at a level of productivity that rivals large corporations. However, even though digital technology is quickly becoming the default solution for information storage, it is sometimes necessary to print physical documents. Fortunately, printing has undergone a major evolution and can be both energy-saving and cost-conscious. Visual Edge IT offers a full suite of Xerox office printers designed to maximize productivity and optimize efficiency.

The right office equipment not only helps you grow your business, but it can also help your business save money. Ensuring manageable operation costs can help see your business through economic fluctuations and free up money to invest in your products and services.

While you certainly should invest in new office equipment if your current system isn’t meeting your standards, there are strategies you can adopt immediately that could save you time and money (FYI — the team at Visual Edge IT will be more than happy to provide a consultation on the best office printers for your business and goals.)

Become Proactive in Managing Your Printing Output

Printing costs money. While the average office worker doesn’t give a second thought to printing and reprinting pages and pages of documents, every time something is printed unnecessarily, you are literally throwing money away.

Print management software gives managers the power to oversee printing. making sure that not only is needless printing curbed, but that you keep track of printing costs. This allows you to track overall printing costs as well as the cost of printing for individual projects.

Choose Ink and Toner Wisely

Ink and toner are among the biggest cash drains in any office. Not only do lots of offices over-purchase ink and toner supplies for various reasons (most notably because of mistakenly buying the wrong cartridges), but ink and toner themselves are incredibly expensive. Recycled ink and toner, however, can save serious money. Having an office printer that allows for some flexibility is helpful, too.

Start Scanning

Not every document needs to be printed. Most people simply prefer to receive documents in an attachment in an email, rather than shuffle through endless stacks of physical paper. Make scanning and storing documents your default strategy, which saves considerable physical storage space while eliminating costly printing errors.

Visual Edge IT has been one of Southern California’s premier office equipment suppliers, helping small businesses buy and lease exceptional office printers and copiers. If you think your office needs an equipment upgrade, please visit our product page to learn more about how multifunction printers can help make your business more profitable.

Featured image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels