How Managed IT Support Services Can Prevent Common Systems Breaches

Security breaches can be devastating – not only do they cost your business money, but they can also have a ruinous effect on your brand’s reputation. Managed IT support services can help organizations overcome potential flaws in their IT security protocols, helping them keep their sensitive data and proprietary information safe from malicious software and unauthorized access. Visual Edge IT has helped organizations across Southern California manage their IT security and make their digital communications processes more efficient and effective.

IT security is an overarching issue for any business that relies upon electronic data collection and storage. Smaller and mid-sized businesses are particularly challenged since the needs of such businesses can change dramatically when and if they experience sudden growth or sudden setbacks.

Managed IT support services can help businesses identify and address security vulnerabilities that could potentially cause major breaches and compromises. By consulting with an independent managed IT support service, you can comb through your processes and discover data management issues and user failings that put sensitive information at risk. Here a few of the areas managed IT services can help businesses audit.

Employee Conduct

Business owners and managers might be blind to employee behaviors – small and medium-sized businesses are often intimate, and heavy scrutiny of employee habits can give the impression that the employees aren’t trusted or valued. However, conducting a dispassionate assessment of common employee behaviors is essential to pinpointing potential misuse.

Managed IT support services can connect business owners with effective electronic employee monitoring solutions that can prevent unauthorized access and alert management to suspicious behaviors.

Endpoint Security Solutions

With employees often using their own devices to access workplace information – particularly with working from home being the new normal – the need for heightened endpoint security has never been higher. Organizations can use managed IT support services to help keep their internal and external entry points protected and instantly identify attempts at malicious access before it occurs.

Business Practice Audit

The way your organization operates can make security breaches more likely. For example, if you have a central printer or copier that isn’t equipped with the necessary technology to prevent unnecessary printouts, you run the risk of losing track of printed documents and leaving you vulnerable to data leaks.

Ensuring data security not only keeps your customers’ data safe and your proprietary information under your control, but it also eliminates the need to conduct costly remediation measures, including contacting all of your clients and customers and warning them that their information might be compromised, restoring your tarnished reputation, and dealing with potential legal ramifications. Visual Edge IT helps organizations across industries strengthen their data security measures effectively and affordably. To learn more about Visual Edge IT managed IT support services, please visit our information page.