How Managed IT Support Can Help Your Digital Marketing Business Achieve New Heights

If you want your business to stay competitive in an increasingly cut-throat market, you need flexible, affordable, and on-point managed IT support. Here’s what you need to know. Visual Edge IT offers managed IT support services for organizations across sectors.

Is your in-house IT team still responsible for maintaining your IT infrastructure? Maybe it’s time to do things differently.

If you have a small business within the digital marketing sector, you might want to consider the different ways managed IT support could help your organization flourish.

It has been a long time since fee-for-service IT was a feasible option for growing businesses. In reality, most digital marketing organizations don’t have the in-house IT resources required to stay on top of technological advancements. Consequently, many businesses have IT that is reactive as opposed to active. These organizations find it difficult to meet the challenges of rapidly evolving technology in the digital age.

If you’ve ever cringed at the idea of outsourcing support to a third-party provider because you think your existing IT infrastructure is adequate or you’re worried about the price, you should think again. Managed services offer numerous benefits, particularly if you’re in the digital marketing industry.

What Are Managed IT Support Services?

Let’s cover the basics of managed services before exploring the benefits.

Managed IT support services refer to the process of using third-party professionals to manage your IT infrastructure. The concept of managed support isn’t limited to the IT sector — you can use managed support for a variety of services, from supply chain management to customer support services.

Managed IT support is beneficial to digital marketing organizations for the following reasons:

They allow you to focus on your business.

Growing businesses require more IT resources. While your in-house employees might handle minor IT management tasks, are they equipped to handle a significant challenge?

As your workload increases, your IT needs will become more complex. Having managed IT support allows you to scale your needs as they grow. You won’t have to support an on-site IT staff during slow seasons, and you won’t panic during busy seasons because your team can’t handle the increased work volume.

Your managed IT support can be tailored to your unique needs. You can have a dedicated IT manager and have managed IT that plays a support role when difficulties arise.

They give you expertise you can rely on.

Technology brings new challenges — challenges your IT department might not be equipped to handle. In addition, management is an issue: whether you have in-house or cloud-based systems, you’ll need a major workforce to manage your company’s technology, which can be problematic when your IT team is essentially a one-person show.

These problems can be handled by hiring new employees. However, the expense of recruiting and onboarding new hires is high — roughly $2,000 per person. Additionally, employees aren’t incentivized to learn new industry innovations as technology evolves because they’re only dealing with one system. Managed IT support, however, has to stay on top of the latest technological advances because they have to address such a wide spectrum of systems and challenges.

The primary advantage of managed IT support is that it allows you to access an experienced staff of IT specialists whenever you need additional services without breaking your budget.

You can scale according to your needs.

Digital marketing can be a volatile industry — demand can increase dramatically and unexpectedly fall.

Your technology requirements will evolve gradually, but you won’t necessarily grow at a steady pace. Sometimes, you’ll experience a significant change in demand that diminishes quickly and unexpectedly. Your managed IT support will address the increased workload but won’t drain your funds when workload volume diminishes.

Visual Edge IT offers full managed IT support for organizations across sectors, helping small and mid-sized businesses realize their full potential. For more information about managed IT support services, please contact our helpful representative today.

Featured Photo by Dominika Roseclay via Pexels