How Managed IT Services Protect Your Data and Your Business

Developing a partnership with a trusted Los Angeles managed IT services provider is an essential data security strategy; with the right solutions, you can ensure your proprietary information and sensitive data don’t wind up on the dark web. Sensitive information might include login information, credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account details, health records, and other details that can be used to commit identity theft or blackmail.

Breaches that reveal sensitive consumer information cause sometimes irreparable harm to the consumers who are victimized, but the businesses that were targeted also experience significant reputational damage and legal liability. Securing such information is essential to the health of your business. Having a reliable, expert managed IT services provider can save you from the dire consequences of a data breach. Here’s how.

Managed IT services can protect you from malware.

Software specifically designed to penetrate standard security protocols is commonly known as “malware,” or malicious software. It can give hackers access to your secured data, or inhibit the performance of your digital communications. Malware can destroy entire computer systems and cause incalculable damage to the finances and lives of the people whose information was accessed.

But the damage isn’t always limited to the business that was directly attacked and the clients whose information was stolen. Very often, the organizations that were in communication with the affected business find that their systems were also compromised. Managed IT service providers can give you the tools and monitoring support you need to protect your technology.

Managed IT services can reduce your financial losses.

If you’re concerned about the cost of managed IT services, you should consider the cost of not having the extra security. Compromised data not only brings legal liability, but it can also disrupt your normal business operations, costing you significantly in lost productivity and waste. Moreover, your business’s reputation will suffer considerably, making your brand less trustworthy to consumers and your business considerably less profitable. The initial investment in managed IT services will pay significant dividends in data security and consumer confidence.

Managed IT services can earn you new customers and enhance the trustworthiness of your brand.

As organizations continually fall victim to data breaches, if your business is consistently secure, your current customers, target customers, and investors will become increasingly confident in your practices. When consumers have either been victimized by data breaches or had associates who have, they will place their trust in businesses with a solid track record of security.

All a hacker needs to access your sensitive data is a password, but the terrible consequences to your business can last for years. Having a managed IT services provider with a track record of success can mean the difference between profit and loss. Visual Edge IT offers expert managed IT solutions to businesses across industries throughout Southern California. For more details about our suite of services, please visit our information page.