How Managed IT Services Can Save Money for Small Businesses

Managed IT services are a fantastic option for small companies that aren’t yet ready to have on-staff IT support. Here’s what you need to know. Visual Edge IT has offered managed IT support in Orange County and managed IT support in San Francisco for over four decades. 

A small business might be forced to choose between using managed IT services and handling technology on its own. It is the business owner’s responsibility to ensure that each cost benefits the company and provides a return on investment. 

You might think that it is best to handle simpler computer tasks on your own and call in a specialist only when something really complex goes wrong, but this approach actually hinders you. 

Today’s businesses run on technology. A company’s IT systems can have a major impact on the success of an organization regardless of its size or industry. 

High production costs and the difficulty in growing a business can be brought about by network performance problems, intermittent downtime, and a lack of proper cybersecurity. 

In several ways, organizations that take advantage of managed IT services and optimize their digital infrastructure see significant benefits to their bottom line. 

According to a Deloitte study, cyberattacks have numerous hidden costs many managers don’t immediately recognize. Technologically advanced small businesses achieve the following: 

  • Revenue per employee was twice the industry average 
  • Revenue increased nearly four times over the previous year 
  • Three times as likely to be increasing jobs over the past year 

How Does Managed IT Services Help Me Grow My Business? 

Here are some of the most important benefits of managed services to consider when weighing costs and benefits between DIY and professional IT. 

Optimize Cybersecurity 

Cyberattacks have increased dramatically in the last year. As a result of the pandemic, hackers have stepped up attack efficiency and volume. 

Cyberattacks have increased significantly during the pandemic, according to 90% of executives surveyed. 

SMBs can be put out of business by a ransomware attack or data breach just once. Because smaller companies lack the resources to absorb the costs of a data breach, their costs are about ten-fold higher. 

A small business can lose over $3,500 per employee for a data breach. 

Managing your IT is more than just monitoring and maintaining your endpoints. Maintaining your IT provides benefits for several facets of your business, including data security. 

Our managed services plans include the following IT security safeguards: 

  • Antivirus software 
  • Anti-malware software 
  • Spam filtering for email accounts 
  • Update and patch management 

Reduce Operational Downtime 

The duration of downtime events is not limited to large blocks of time. Many of the most costly downtimes occur in 25-minute intervals. Sometimes this happens as a result of employee computer problems or a network outage affecting your entire office. 

What are the reasons for the high costs of these smaller downtime incidents? The reason is that most companies do not realize they are losing so much money due to downtime. 

A common example might be an employee who spends 20 minutes a day dealing with a printer malfunction, a software concern, or a poorly performing computer. In one month, that’s 7 hours of lost time. If you have 15 team members experiencing these inefficiencies, it adds up to a loss of $2,000 if each employee earns $20 per hour. This is a loss that could have been mitigated by professional IT services.  

Achieve a Longer Lifespan for Hardware 

A business must invest heavily in hardware. There are computers, laptops, servers, printers, and other equipment to organize. Keeping hardware in good shape is crucial for its longevity, as it can slow down and fall victim to unexpected crashes. 

A poorly managed computer can be damaged by minor things such as excess dust that causes the machine to overheat and cause internal damage. Your equipment ROI is reduced when its useable lifespan is shorter. 

Keeping your equipment maintained by a managed IT provider increases its longevity. If you extend the lifespan of all your PCs by just 18 months, your technology costs can go down significantly. 

You Can Concentrate on Moving Forward 

A company that is able to put its focus on its main business is different from one that is constantly trying to address technological disasters merely to maintain equilibrium. Usually, business owners do not attempt to perform their own building maintenance, electrical rewiring, or handle plumbing problems because they know the time spent and potential for problems would be far costlier than simply using professional services.   

Your IT infrastructure is no different. You will find yourself spending too much time on things that aren’t relevant to your business if you try to handle IT services yourself. In the event that something goes wrong, this can end up costing you a lot of money. 

Managed IT services don’t overwhelm you with technology — they let you dedicate your valuable energy and time to the growth of your business.  

Where do I find managed IT services near me? 

Visual Edge IT has supported small businesses throughout California for more than four decades, helping them access the best and most affordable office supplies and technological support. Our team has an exceptional track record of providing end-to-end managed IT services to businesses across industries, helping them compete effectively and achieve long term growth. For more information about our managed IT services, please visit our information page.