How Managed IT Can Help you Conquer the Biggest Security Issues for Small Businesses

Like SARS CoV 2, there are newer and more dangerous variants of malicious cyber activity emerging every day. Learn which security gaps are the most likely to lead to significant breaches. Visual Edge IT offers managed IT solutions to businesses across industries, helping them meet their communications and security challenges effectively.

Cyber threats are always with us, and they’re constantly mutating and evolving. Malicious actors tend to rely on the successful old standards – the Nigerian prince scam is still going strong – but scammers are developing newer and more insidious threats that circumvent the security protocols we’ve put in place. Having access to managed IT services can help keep your business protected and prepared for the worst threats cybercriminals can throw at you. Here are the vulnerabilities we’re going to see as 2021 progresses.

Working Remotely

Workplaces are starting to open up and invite their workers back to job sites – but not everyone is heading back. The U.S. workforce has changed considerably after the COVID-19 crisis, and remote working is going to be a big part of how we perform our tasks. This will likely result in innumerable security breaches, as providing remote access to sensitive documents will lead to lowered vigilance about adhering to security protocols.

Navigating the tightrope of allowing team members access to proprietary information while putting up robust security measures to keep attackers at bay.

Aggressive Ransomware

Some of the largest and most consequential organizations are being hit by ransomware attacks, and the organizations are powerless to do anything other than pay the cybercriminals. This will undoubtedly cause attackers to ratchet up their ransomware deployment – when they taste success, they come right back.

However, ransomware is becoming even more personal and poisonous, with blackmail being a favored technique for getting victims to pay up. Attackers are achieving success by threatening to release sensitive information to the public. This forces organizations to pay the ransom not only to take back control of their data, but also to avoid potential legal liability for allowing the release of sensitive customer data.

Lowered Vigilance about Security Training

With employees scattered to the far corners of the world, cybersecurity training has become more of a challenge. This means that there are fewer refresher courses and reminders of effective policies and procedures, leading to increased vulnerabilities due to reduced adherence to security protocols.

Managed IT can help render your business immune to the most dangerous strains of cyberthreats. Visual Edge IT has provided comprehensive managed IT services since 1988, giving businesses the tools and resources they need to optimize their communications strategies and strengthen their security measures. To learn more about our managed IT services, please visit our information page.