Get Greener with PaperCut MF

To begin, let’s consider the following, very simple, yet very true facts:

  1. Copy Machines consume a lot of paper.
  2. Paper usage is part of your organization’s environmental impact.

Given these facts, users of copy machines confront a unique problem: How to reconcile the benefits of printer usage with the potential environmental impact of paper consumption? As a leader in the print management space, Visual Edge IT, alongside our partner Papercut, has the solution: Provide users of copy machines with software built to showcase immediate information and insight into the environmental impact of time at the printer.

Why?  Providing users with information about the environmental impact of paper consumption can often, in turn, change user habits and behaviors.

PaperCut software promotes environmental awareness by making users directly aware of how their activities impact the environment.   After all, the key to promoting environmental awareness requires, well, promoting awareness.  The latter fact may seem obvious. But promoting awareness of the environment remains a challenging task.  The challenge does not lie in convincing people to care about the environment.  People already care about the environment; the challenge lies in providing information that helps remind people how much they care.  PaperCut’s entire system is crafted around helping users remember this.

Most of all, PaperCut’s printer-monitoring software encourages the environmentally conscious use of paper resources when it matters most: In real time, while users are actively printing. . . down to how many trees you have used while making copies over a specific period of time or the equivalent of carbon dioxide released. In providing access to all this information, PaperCut empowers users to responsibly monitor their use of critical resources–and feel better about their time at the printer.

This information also serves to reconnect users to the bigger picture of life beyond office walls. Promoting environmental awareness requires literally integrating that awareness into the often-frenetic flow of our daily grind.

More often than not, workplace printing tends to take place at a distant remove from the environments impacted by the factory production of the paper used in office printers. We could go into all the details of paper production and its impact on the environment.  However, a quick internet search will provide plenty of background on the issue.

With PaperCut and Xerox ConnectKey line of printers, companies and/or users can now track their paper usage and feel good about their ability to reduce the impact of paper production on the environment.

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