GABI Voice Print And Copy Solution


With Covid-19 and the concern for the health and safety of people returning to work, we would like to offer your team a touchless, germ-free control of your Xerox copiers with GABI Voice. It’s as simple as speaking. You can instruct your device to make a copy, send an email, or even place a service call!

GABI represents a voice recognition solution with Global Artificial Business Intelligence and cybersecurity by design. Powered by IBM Watson, GABI is a multilingual solution supporting 10 different languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, English.

The Gabi solution allows businesses to streamline their print and copy needs like making copies, scanning documents to email, scan to Dropbox, Supply Inventory & Ordering, Troubleshooting, and more. It also saves time and allows for interaction with multifunction printers and copier nearly hands-free.


  • GABI, tell Xerox to submit meter reads.
  • GABI, ask Xerox how much toner do I have?
  • GABI, ask Xerox about my machine.
  • GABI, tell Xerox to submit a service ticket.
  • GABI, ask Xerox if I have enough to print 500 pages?
  • GABI, tell Xerox to order supplies.
  • GABI, tell Xerox to make a copy
  • GABI, tell Xerox to make five copies.
  • GABI, ask Xerox who is my sales rep?
  • GABI, ask Xerox how do I upgrade my device?

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