Full Color 3D Printing Takes Halo 5 Off-Screen

If you’re into video games or know someone who is, you’re well aware of the strong connection between gamer and avatar. Now, through collaboration with 3D Systems and Microsoft, Sandboxr is making that connection more real for XBOX Halo 5 players. As the latest addition to Sandboxr’s Digital to Doorstep™ platform, $29.99 is all that stands between players and customized full-color Spartan 3D prints.

Everything about your Spartan can be personalized, from armor and helmet down to gamer-tag, using Sandboxr’s proprietary 3D printing platform, either in the game itself or through halowaypoint.com. Once customized, a 3D file is generated and printed in photorealistic color on one of our ProJet® x60 series printers. These printers bind together a powdered material with vibrant, precise color.

We share Halo fans’ excitement in this new capability, and are thrilled to help transform meaningful gaming experiences into physical realities. Check out the Halo 5: Guardians 3D printing experience video below, and visit Sandboxr.com to discover other games now integrating 3D printing.