Free Guide – The Age Of The Remote Workforce

The age of the remote workforce is upon us. In fact, Global Workplace Analytics states that since 2005, the percentage of the non-self-employed remote workers has grown by 115 percent. That’s nearly ten times faster than the rest of the workforce!

This offers a unique opportunity for both businesses and employees, contributing to the increased popularity of a remote workforce. As traditional work arrangements evolve to include remote teams, companies will be in a better position to respond to workers’ needs and the changing business landscape. Remote working can also enhance the lives of individuals that prefer or require a more flexible schedule, like parents, individuals with the inability to work during traditional hours, and those seeking to shorten their commute.

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Looking to implement some of the ideas?

  • Access from external computer to office computer, files, folders and apps
  • Anti-virus, ransomware and hacker protection
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and proactive management and problem resolution
  • 8am to 5pm unlimited remote service desk end user support services

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