Your organization has contracted with Visual Edge IT to ensure you have toner and supplies for your copiers, printers, etc. To ensure automatic and accurate assessment of your supply needs, it is important your reporting software is installed and running properly.

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Troubleshooting Steps if your FMAudit Software is not reporting

1. Click the following link to verify FM Audit is still installed on your local computer:

 If the link does NOT open, please contact us at for further assistance.

2. Log in using “Administrator” and “1111” as the password.

3. Select the “Settings” Tab.

4. Then select “Meters Data” selection on the left. 

Check the box for “Enable Task” and “Send to “Central Server.” Select the clock icon and change the time to “10 AM”.

After verifying each one click “Apply” and “Start Now”

5. Select the “Status Data” and “Service Data” links on the left menu area. Make sure the settings in these areas are the same as in Step 4.

6 . After you have completed these steps, log back into your “Visual Edge IT Central Server” ( and verify your devices are reporting.

step 7

If you need any assistance during this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at