Ensure Your Organization’s Data Security with Managed IT Support Services

Data security should always be a top priority for any organization handling and storing sensitive client information or proprietary trade secrets. Unfortunately, the events of the past year have caused many organizations to become less-than vigilant about maintaining cybersecurity measures. If you are one of the thousands of businesses who have had to accommodate remote work, here are a few measures to take into account to protect your company’s data.

The success of your business relies upon the integrity of your IT solutions, especially if you’re in the eCommerce sector. With strong managed IT support services, you give your organization the security necessary to thwart threats to your data security. Not only does this save you thousands (if not more) of dollars if you are hit with ransomware, it protects your customers and the integrity of your brand.

Concerns about your cybersecurity shouldn’t dominate your working hours. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your IT protocols, here are some issues you should consider

Implement Two Factor Authentication

If you don’t have comprehensive authentication processes, your organization can’t be considered secure. Auditing your communications and digital infrastructure security is critical to assuring data security, and one of the most effective strategies for minimizing user negligence- related security breaches is two factor authentication. This system makes accessing your organization’s information extremely difficult for unauthorized users.

Only Use Highly Complex Passwords

Approximately 90 percent of all online passwords can be uncovered in less than six hours. Moreover, most people use the same passwords for multiple accounts. That means once one password has been decoded, the hacker then likely has access to additional accounts attached to your name.

Make sure your passwords aren’t related to any part of your life (street names, names of relatives, jobs and hobbies should be nonstarters). If you want to be extra secure, use a long, random sequence of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Give Your Business Robust Cybersecurity Infrastructure

If you and your employees are working remotely, you should always keep the possibility of malicious attacks at the front of your mind. Ransomware attacks have increased by more than 90 percent in the first half of 2021from previous years, likely due to relaxed security standards and the scramble to accommodate working from home.

With effective, professional managed IT support services, you can protect your organization from security vulnerabilities. Visual Edge IT provides comprehensive IT support, protecting businesses from data breaches and malicious attacks. If you are struggling to maintain your business’s data security, contact our team for a consultation today.

Featured Image By Christina Morillo from Pexels